Procedures for Contractors and Developers

The following may be used by developers as a general guideline. Developers should obtain copies of and review the District’s current Standard Specifications for Water and Wastewater Lines and the District’s current Schedule of Rates, Charges and Fees. Developments with unusual or extraordinary characteristics may have different or additional requirements as determined by the District. Please contact the District at (615) 352-7076 and/or email for more information.

1. Request for Water and/or Wastewater Availability

Fee*: $150/ Single Family (1-4 Lots)
$475/ Commercial, Multi-Family and Residential Development (5 or more Lots)

  1. Developer submits completed form to the District requesting water and/or wastewater availability. Include: Exact Location, Map and Parcel Number, Number and type of units (example: 200 single family residential), any additional information relevant to utilities.
  2. The District reviews and responds with location of connection(s) and any required utility on-site or off-site water and/or wastewater improvements.

*Availability fee is non-refundable

2. Plan Development and Review

Fee: $1,500**

  1. Developer schedules meeting with the District to discuss development before design of preliminary plan.
  2. Developer’s Engineer designs preliminary plans for project. Submit a digital (PDF), and 2 paper copies for review and approval, to include:
    1. Vicinity map
    2. Engineering reports with design criteria
    3. Electrical layout plan from service provider
    4. Specifications for items not in the District’s standards.
    5. Detailed plans for special construction (pump stations, creek crossings, etc.)
    6. Design to conform to the District’s Standard Specifications for Water and Wastewater.
  3. Obtain preliminary plot approval from Planning Commission.
  4. The District Engineer and Staff review plans and respond with approval or required changes or additions to plans.
  5. The District reviews and approves plans by stamp.
  6. Developer’s Engineer submits the HVUD approved plans for State approval stamp. (The District will need to receive a digital (PDF) and 2 paper copies after State approval)
  7. Obtain approval of all applicable jurisdictional agencies:
    1. Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation
    2. Tennessee Department of Transportation Highway Crossings, Right-of-Way Permits
    3. Local governments, i.e. Metro Nashville or Williamson County
    4. Corps of Engineers (Permits)
    5. Other Utilities (Gas, Electric, Telephone, Cable)
    6. Railroads (Permits)

**Plan Review fee will be credited toward required fees for project. If project fees are less than $1,500, the difference will be refunded to the developer.

3. Pre-Construction Conference

  1. Before Pre-construction Conference:
    1. Ensure project plans approved by all applicable agencies.
    2. Developer must have contract with utility contractor with on-site amounts separated from off-site amounts. Separate Water and Wastewater. Include number of services and fire hydrants. Submit this contract to the District, to be used to draft a contract between the District and the Developer.
    3. At least 10 Days prior to Conference submit:
      • Shop Drawings for water and sewer materials with Contractor’s stamp for review and approval by the District
      • Cut Sheets from field layout for Sewer Projects for review and approval by the District.
    4. Execute contract with the District and pay tapping privileges, administrative and inspection fees.
  2. Pre-construction Conference:
    1. Developer is to call HVUD and arrange for the Conference.
    2. Attendees: The Developer, the Developer’s Engineer, the Developer’s Contractor, the District’s Consulting Engineer for this project and Representative from the District
    3. Bring: TDEC approved plans with approval letters (the District will keep 2 paper copies, and digital (PDF copy)), Approved Shop Drawings, Notification to TDEC of start of construction

4. Construction Phase

  1. Developer’s Contractor is responsible for obtaining necessary permits (road crossings, creek crossings, etc.).
  2. Developer’s Contractor shall provide field layout of work, and is responsible for field location of existing utilities.
  3. Developer or Developer’s Engineer shall obtain necessary easements. (PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION)
  4. Developer’s Engineer shall provide complete set of record drawings.
  5. INSPECTION: Coordinate with the District for inspection of work.
  6. One set of State Approved Plans to be kept on job site at all times.

5. Pump and/or Booster Station Use

Where a wastewater pump station and/or a water booster station is required to serve any area, special charges will be required. Contact the District for details.

6. Line Extension

When the District requires a line to be extended for water and/or wastewater services to be available, the responsibilities or the person or entity requesting availability are as follows:

  • install and convey title, at no cost to the District, all required extensions to the District’s system in public road right-of-way or utility easements;
  • to cover inspection costs, pay the District for water and wastewater extensions 10% of the fair market cost of the extensions as determined by the District; and
  • agree to immediately repair, at no cost to the District, all breaks, leaks or defects occurring within one year from the date such extensions are accepted in writing by the District

All line extensions require written contracts with the District, and all extensions of on-site and off-site lines shall be subject to approval and inspection by the District and in accordance with the District’s specifications.