Customer Policies

Monthly Payment
Each customer (i.e., each meter or customer account) shall pay a monthly customer charge for water service and for wastewater service, plus for water and wastewater service based on the amount of water used as determined by the water meter measurement monthly usage charges.

Wastewater Availability Billing
All customers not connected to the District’s wastewater system shall pay the regular monthly wastewater charge beginning 90 days after official notice that wastewater service is available to the customer’s property.

Change of Use
Tapping privilege fees and other applicable fees will be charged for an expansion, intensification, or change in use of a structure, but shall be reduced by the amount of the fees for the highest use in the five years prior to such change if all the fees were paid in full at the inception of the prior use.

Cost of Service Assembly
The minimum tapping fee does not include the cost of service assembly; i.e., labor, materials, tap, service line, meter, meter box, yokes, and other fittings, installation costs, pavement repair, or other restorative work. These costs will be borne by the purchaser.

Approval of Meters, Lines, and Connections
The District must approve the size and location of each meter to be installed and the size and location of each private service line. All meters must comply with the specifications of the District. All connections and extensions to the District’s system or to any private system connected to the District’s system must comply with the specifications of the District.

Leaks and Extraneous Flow
The customer is required to promptly repair any leaks allowing water or wastewater to escape or extraneous flow (storm water runoff, storm drainage, groundwater, etc.) to enter customer’s water or wastewater system on the customer’s side of the water meter. Water service to the customer’s property is subject to termination for failure to repair such leaks.

Grinder Sewage Pumps
Grinder sewage pumps may not be installed or used except with the prior written approval of the District. The installation or use of a grinder sewage pump shall be in strict compliance with District specifications. For other fees, requirements or restrictions, please contact the District.